Careers 2 Communities

Career Awareness

Giving students clear and accurate information about local job opportunities can help students learn about careers and consider a career pathway that aligns with the local/regional needs of area employers. 

The P2C learning platform provides comprehensive career exploration tools. Career exploration is taught by introducing a step-by-step progression of career awareness, understanding and planning. 

Connect learning to careers with robust career exploration resources that deliver relevant state-specific career data. 

Pathway2Careers Curriculum is available to all New Mexico schools at no cost thanks to a Federal Grant.

Career Tools

  • Guided curriculum for grades 6-12
    • Personal discovery activities 
    • Career evaluation activities
    • Career exposure activities
    • Education and training activities
  • Student career portfolio  


  • Establish awareness of viable career options
  • Supports postsecondary aspirations and long-term success
  • Develops an interest in STEM careers
  • Promotes college and career readiness
  • Closes the gap between education and employers