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New Mexico's Top 5 Career Clusters by Wage

Connecting students to high-value career opportunities begins by understanding your local labor market. The New Mexico Career Pathways dashboard is a great resource for this data and more. The dashboard allows you to discover the top career clusters within your school district and workforce region. By understanding the high-growth, high-wage career opportunities within your region, we can make connections with curricula in the classroom, and help students obtain the skills necessary to achieve employment success.
The Top Career Clusters by Wage in New Mexico
Cluster Annual Openings Median Wages Projected New Jobs Growth Rate
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics 1,614 $107,588 1,692 10%
Information Technology 1,343 $61,893 1,946 13%
Finance 2,484 $51,694 1,231 5%
Health Science 7,679 $51,559 10,392 13%
Education & Training 4,622 $46,674 2,477 5%