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Pathway2Careers Curriculum

Pathway2Careers (P2C) Curriculum makes math meaningful by connecting students to their interests and relevant high-value career paths.

When using the career-focused math curriculum in a blended learning model, P2C lessons supplement and complement the core curriculum. This curriculum is on the PED-approved math supplemental material list, and professional learning is readily available to offer seamless integration and implementation.


Pathway2Careers Curriculum is available to all New Mexico schools at no cost thanks to a Federal Grant.

P2C Math

  • Math Curriculum for 8th Grade Math, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
  • Over 250 unique careers featured throughout each course
  • Occupations represent high-value careers in multiple fields
  • Application lessons offer in-depth exploration of specific math concepts in the context of a spotlighted career
  • Use in a blended learning model as supplemental curriculum
  • Aligned with common core state standards

P2C Assessment

  • Utilizing the Quantile® Framework, for Mathematics, the P2C Assessments indicate students’ readiness for more complex skills
  • P2C Assessment includes:
    • Beginning of Year Measure
    • Middle of Year Measure 
    • End of Year Measure
  • Accelerate students’ proficiency in math with immediate results
  • Assessments results provide comparisons to the math demands of different careers in the Quantile Career Database
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