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To expand on its commitment to support student learning, NS4ed nowl offers the Pathway2Careers platform in Spanish. Scheduled for release in the next month, this update will answer the request by a number of educators seeking to deliver quality career-connected learning for their learners. Start using Pathway2Careers today!

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New Mexico leads our nation this fall in piloting an innovative virtual career path –equipping students with valuable cybersecurity, digital literacy, and/or other computer science-related skills and credentials.

Plumbing and mechanical systems inspector Jothum Stallings recounts as a high school student being “on the verge of dropping out.”

“Aim High!” advises certified public accountant and Los Alamos County Chief Financial Officer Helen Perraglio.

Interested in Mathematics and Computer Science? Learn more from Nemecio Chaves, an IT Manager!

Interested in biology? Do you love animals? Learn more about how to become a wildlife biologist and studying big game population.

As part of the New Mexico Careers2Communities program, teachers provided feedback about Pathway2Careers Curriculum. Find out what they had to say.

Pathway2Careers Curriculum will have digital lessons available on September, 23. Attend one of the upcoming webinars to experience the flexibility of digital lessons and see how you can bring career-focused math lessons to students.

When all students can learn critical math skills by seeing how math is applied to meaningful, everyday tasks used in a variety of careers, we can begin to close the learning gaps across the state. Interested in learning more and implementing Pathway2Careers Curriculum for free?

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